Art House Live
Andrew Cohen
3815 Grand View Blvd I Los Angeles, CA  90066
PH: 310.390.3313 I FAX: 310.390.3314 I CELL: 917.576.6221







10 responses to “Booking

  1. Allen veil

    My name is Allen please let me know when and where you are performing live in the LA area, I will attend thanks , Good luck tonight on AGT

  2. Daisy kansakar

    William you are unique, good luck with everything. Stay original
    Best regards Daisy Kansakar

    • Irene

      Very disappointed though to find out this man has been all over the world already. Thought he was new talent from America’s Got Talent

  3. karen lesner

    I think you should have won but that would have limited you to performances were you are obligated to america’s got talent any ways my Daughter who is a violinist and electric Bass player and I love what you do and look forward to going to one of your performances in San Diego and thank you for your music as it inspirers my daughter.
    I bet the San Diego symphony hall would be happy to have you perform there.. sending positive vibes to you and your family
    Karen & Kyra

  4. Dan Marlatt

    Hello, I just have to say as I’m sure many people have before me, I’m blown away by your creativity and vision to say the least.
    The AGT was a big surprise to me but I’m sure you will reap the benefits of that experience. SOME DAY!!! I don’t know how or when, I will see you preform, I know the live experience will be amazing, I get chills up the back of my neck thinking about what it must be like.

    Dan Marlatt

  5. Bim

    There aren’t enough superltives in the English language to describe William’s talent. Awesome, inspired, astounding, spectular are all inadequate. Please, please get to the UK, I have to see William play live. I picked up the Willima Close bug by watching on YouTube. It was fantastic!!!

  6. Ever since Season 3, the third-place finisher has always been the most successful in the long term, and I have no doubt whatsoever that you’ll have no trouble whatsoever in continuing this pattern.

  7. Claire Downey

    hey I am Claire. I go to charter tech high school fir the performing arts in south jersey. it’d be really cool if you could visit our school

  8. Rai

    If you ever come to Europe, I will fly anywhere to see you preform. You are the most amazing and talented preformer I have ever seen. Your creativity, passion and originality is spectacular to watch! To think you actually made these instruments is unbelieveable. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world.

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