27 responses to “Photos

  1. Lisa Jordan

    I was at yoga at the Temple this year. Amazing. I’ll see if I can find any music to play in my yoga classes each week. Love and namaste.

  2. Danielle M. Landeros

    If that was you on American Talent tonight, you are simply Amazing!!! ,

  3. trish roser

    Interested in what you would charge to do a state fair gig

  4. You have a great show! The entire experience would be even better if you could tour with Cast In Bronz ( who also provides such a unique experience. The two of you together would be unequaled!

  5. Tim

    Please post a performance schedule when you have the time. I saw you on America’s Got Talent and while listening to a recording of it is great, I’m sure it is no comparison to being in the audience and being part of the resonant chamber. Absolutely beautiful sound.

  6. Jael

    William Close you got my vote in New York for American’s got talent.
    No matter what happen you’ll be one of the best talent.

  7. Amanda V

    Your earth harp is AMAZING! Loved your performance on AGT! Hope to see more of your work. Blessings and Good Luck!

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  9. Shelia Powell-Culmer

    I have watched your performance for the first time on America’s Got Talent tonight and you and your talent are AMAZING! I would love to see you perform one day live. If you are ever interested in travel to the The Bahamas. I am sure will be guaranteed an excited, full house welcome. You should one day train others. especially other young musicians, your talent, and share your innovative thoughts . Your music and invention brings peace in the atmosphere. Who knows what you could bring for healing and/or therapy. You Rock!

  10. Christine Sparks

    Thoroughly enjoyed your breath taking performance tonight on AGT. Will you ever perform in San Diego? Where in So. California can fans see a performance (soon!)??

    Christine Sparis
    Solana Beach, CA

  11. Rick Couillou

    utterly remarkable! The thought, talent & vision it must have taken to come up with as well as perform it. . . . amazing.

  12. Chase

    What a show during the AGT quarter finals! I hope to see you go all the way. If you ever come to the midwest, I will make sure I make it out to your show.

  13. Donni

    Do you have CD of your music?? I would love to have it to meditate to!!

  14. Have you heard of Ellen Fullman?. She invented the long stringed instrument in 1981 and has played around the world. She designed and worked out the resonating boxes and how to construct ihe instrument for different spaces. Curious are you familiar with her work?

  15. William, I have an international booking inquiry for 10 days in November 2012. Can you please email me at Thanks.

  16. Jessica Wade

    I am glad i am able to see such a wonderful person with a great as a talent as yours your music is amazing and i would watch and listen to wherever i can but i got to say never give up because that is amazing what you can do if i could i would have to ask to see you do it in person and i hope you make it all the way like howard said you already won it in my eyes.

  17. Valentyn Lyevyentsov

    I am speechless at how good you are at what you do! The instruments you play, the shows you arrange, everything is top notch. I’ve never been to one of your concerts, but I promise I will. As for AGT, I wish you the best of luck and rock them all out! I KNOW you will win.
    P.S. – Congratulations with the birth of your son Phoenix! I am sure the little guy will become as talented as his dad.

  18. Big John

    1000000 all yours !

  19. Danielle

    I am so upset that you didn’t win AGT! You deserved it more than anyone! Can’t wait to see you on a stage because I know you’ll be there!

  20. Norma

    I was in the audience for the AGT final acts. You were amazing. I hope you return to NJPAC for a concert soon. Thanks for the wonderful performance.

  21. bloomin7

    I think alot of America agrees you should have won AGT, you were my favorite from the beginning. Nonetheless…I am sure
    as Sharon said great things are in store for you now that you have had an international stage, with Simon or not, you will do
    great things…going to listen to your music now…hope to see more of you soon..

  22. Lola

    Please post a schedule for your performances in the NY/ NJ area. Would love to see you perform live. You create brilliant and beautiful music.

  23. Evangeline

    You should have won AGT, you are amazing! :-) I hope one day you can perform in are county Sri Lanka! :-)

  24. Velma

    Would love to see you work with Yanni , David Arkenstone…or Kitaro! You definitely are New Age. Love, love your music! God gave you a gift to share and we look forward to hearing more!

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